During September our clergy will be traveling often. So, for Hospital calls, & funeral Masses, please contact the office, or priest in Burley at (208) 678-5453 or in Twin Falls at (208) 733-3907.
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Marriage Resources/Recursos para el Matrimonio

Marriage Regulations for the Diocese of Boise
Preparing for Marriage in the Diocese of Boise Couples Guide

1. Marriage Enhancement Resources/ Recursos para mejorar el matrimonio:


1.1 Click here to visit resources "For Your Marriage" by the USCCB

Here you will find great resources to help you from planning your wedding, enhance your marriage, family life and parenting, and much more.

1.3 Marriage Encounter, click here to find out more 

1.4 Engaged Encounter, click to find a weekend here


1.5 Dale click aqui para visitar los recursos "Por tu matrimonio," de la Conferencia Episcopal Estadounidense

1.6 Dale click aquí para el Encuentro matrimonial

1.7 Dale click aquí para el Encuentro de comprometidos

En esta parte econtrarás suficientes recursos desde el noviazgo y cómo planear tu boda, mejorar tu matrimonio, vida familiar, paternidad, y mucho más.

2. Marriage HELP for struggling couples/ Ayuda matrimonial para parejas con problemas:

2.1 Click here to access "Retrouvaille" 

2.2. Dale click aquí para accesar a "Retrouvaille"